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As we continue on this journey of unlearning, I pray that these blog discussions have been a blessing to you. They are meant to make you think about how many things we inherit as solid knowledge without doing our necessary research.

These discussions are just some of the things I've personally learned over the years. If you have lessons that you've learned and want it discussed, fill out a contact form on the site with the details. I will use the information for a future blog post discussion.

Another thing we need to unlearn is that the devil isn't behind everything bad that happens in our lives. As a Christian, one saying that is very common when things are going wrong in our life is "the enemy keeps trying to come against me." Yes the enemies job is to kill, steal & destroy but we give him credit for everything. I hate to tell you this but sometimes those bad things that happen are due to the bad seeds we planted.

The Word reminds us that we shall reap what we sow. The problem is we only want to think about this in the positive frame of mind. We don't want to think about all the negative things we did before we changed our ways. We don't want to think about how we did things intentionally to try to destroy people's lives as a payback. We don't think about the things we did in the moments of jealousy. We don't think about how we passed along information that helped to destroy a person's character.

We try to justify everything we've done. Yes God has forgiven us, if we asked, but it doesn't mean that this law of nature still doesn't apply. The only difference is he gives us the STRENGTH & GRACE to go through the bad storms and come out stronger.

Sometimes what we consider to be bad is actually something God allowed us to experience to strengthen us for the path he has us on. We are then able to use our testimony to strengthen those that God put on our path. No we don't always understand why he chose us to go through certain things but we must trust the process. Sometimes the only thing that gets us through our storm is reminding ourselves of God's promises for our lives. Then one day we look up and realize that the sun is beginning to shine again. That's when we realize we are on the other side of the storm and about to come out.

So I want to encourage you to not give the devil too much credit. Even if it is an attack straight from the enemy, the Word reminds us that our struggles are working for our good. All things work together for the good of them that love the Lord.

What are your thoughts? Let's talk!

FYI - To see the new things happening with HPHP take a look at the new video posted on the home page of my website (not the app home page.)


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